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The Mexican chef Daniel Barrios with over 20 years of experience, has created a unique style to celebrate the ingredients and vibrant flavors of every region of Latin America. Elaborated with passion, classic finesse, sparkling with a playful spirit, Latin Flavors Steakhouse is an upscale restaurant inspired by the authentic latin flavors, offering a list of the highest quality cuts and a variety of meats and seafood.

With an extensive list of wines and the most classic drinks that represent our cultures celebrates the various manifestations of Latin flavors, shares a display of plates and recipes adapted for celebrations Inspired by the culinary traditions of Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Latin America, Barrios exposes an innovative combination in the elaboration of meals and cocktails. The menu includes a brief introduction to the Latin flavors, with special attention to the ingredients that have recently expanded the traditional Latin pantry.

Executive chef and owner Daniel Barrios was born in the Mexican state of Guerrero, and from a very young age, he helped his grandmother, Maria, to create bread in a clay and wooden oven. He became an assistant to his grandmother in the kitchen, and his father taught him to hunt and butcher meat for the best cuts. Daniel’s mother taught him how to create the most classic dishes of her native Mexican region.  In the small town where she was raised, she created and cultivated all the spices and ingredients to create a dish out of her love for the Cocina.





Wine & Cocktail

Fresh Ingredients,

Tasty Meals

We pride ourselves on offering the best of Latin Flavored steaks and dishes made with locally sourced recipes from Central and South America. We focus on our seasonal ingredients, pure bold flavors, and sincere hospitality while putting the personalized experience

of every guest first.

We Own The Latin Flavor

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Tel: (678) 975-7487

21 E Athens Street. Winder, GA. 30680

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