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Dive in the dark,
   open your senses...

The Ultimate Dining Experience is Here! 

UNLIT is a completely unique sensory experience a dinner event like no other you’ve experienced anywhere else. 


Enjoy our award-winning cuisine with an adventurous twist during this memorable dining encounter. 


Dining in the dark allows you to savor every bite and fully experience each flavor, as your heightened senses of taste, smell, touch, and sound create an all-new culinary adventure in the absence of light. 

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Blake McCarrin shared her experience on WJBB Radio

What is UNLIT?  

You won’t find anything like UNLIT in the area. Blackout dinners are a new trending attraction in L.A. and a few other select destination locations around the country. Latin Flavors is among the first, if not the first, to bring this experience to North Georgia.  

This exclusive experience will test your taste buds and take your senses to an entirely new level as you navigate a delicious six-course meal in the dark. 

Our UNLIT staff has been specifically trained and tested to safely provide an unforgettable dining experience and culinary journey. Staff will greet you in the lobby with all the information you need to help you prepare you for UNLIT. Someone will guide you to your table to get you settled at your seat. Your servers will guide you throughout every part of the evening. 

UNLIT is great for date nights or small groups of adults, ages 18 and up. 

You’ll enjoy exploring each course together with your group, tasting the various flavors, and guessing what’s on your plate! 



What’s on the menu?  

What if I have food allergies

or dietary restrictions?   

Part of the fun of the UNLIT experience is the mystery of not knowing exactly what you will be served for dinner. Latin Flavors is ranked one of the Best Steakhouses in the metro Atlanta area, so you can expect incredible food and the highest quality of culinary creations including steak, seafood, pasta, vegetables, and more. 

Please let us know of any food allergies or dietary restrictions

48 hours in advance  and dishes will be

substituted accordingly.

Is UNLIT appropriate for children? 

At the moment, the experience is available only for Adults (18 & up)

What is the cost

for the UNLIT dinner?

What if I need to excuse myself during dinner for a restroom break or phone call? 

$75 for Six courses. Wine pairings available and sold separately.  

Do I need a reservation, or may I attend as a walk-in? 

A reservation is required as seating is limited. 

It’s recommended that you use the restroom prior to the event, to minimize interruptions. Additionally, phones are not allowed inside the event hall. However, if you need to step away from the table for any reason, you can let your server know by raising your hand, and s/he can guide you to the door if needed. 

How long does UNLIT last? 

Approximately 1 and a half hours.  

Please DO's

DO come with an open mind and be ready to have fun enjoying incredible food! 

DO be prepared to put away your cell phone and belongings for the event – lockers will be provided at no additional charge. No phones or light-emitting sources of any kind are allowed during UNLIT as they detract from the overall experience. (No phones, cameras, lighters, vapes, etc.) 

DO be prepared to be in total darkness, without any sight whatsoever. You will adjust, and your other senses, along with our staff, will help guide you through the dinner. 

DON’T worry or feel anxious about dining in complete darkness. Our friendly staff will take great care of you from beginning to end.  

DON’T forget to make your reservation!  

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